5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Pool Renovation

Pool renovation in Transkei is not always as easy as simply calling in for help and having a brand new sparkling pool overnight. Whether your pool urgently needs to be refurbished, or you wish to build a brand new pool, add on to your current pool or even retile the surrounding patio area, this type of renovation is not always quick or cheap – especially if you take short cuts or underestimate the amount of work, time and funds that are needed.

Before you get those plans underway, you will first need to do a bit of preparation. This will make the job as simple and stress-free as possible, while also giving you the best results.

swimming pool restoration before
Swimming Pool Restoration Before
swimming pool restoration after
Swimming Pool Restoration After

What to Consider When Planning Pool Renovation in Transkei

Some things to consider before getting your Transkei swimming pool renovation project underway include the following…

  1. Choose the right time to get the job done

This renovation job is often done as a last minute plan at the start of summer. But ideally, the best time to plan your swimming pool work is before summer. While Transkei has a generally mild climate throughout the year, summer is still peak swimming time. Get your pool ready well in advance this year by planning your renovations for autumn and winter.

Renovation experts are often busier during summer where pool projects are concerned, so it can work out to be easier all around to plan your projects for off-season times.

  1. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve

A great way to decide what renovations you wish to complete is to collect pictures of similar pools. Use tools such as Pinterest and Google to save photos of pool features you like. Whether it is a certain type of tile around the edge, a specific shape, an overall design or any other feature, having a clear visual will go a long way in helping your renovator know what you want.

With that said, remember to set (and follow) a realistic budget. You may long for a natural looking pool that runs along your entire garden length, but it may not be practical or affordable. Get inspired by similar projects, but also ask your pool expert for advice on what they would suggest.

  1. Set a realistic time table

You should also find out how long you can expect your pool makeover to take. A quick fix will vary drastically to a full renovation, and, as such, it is important to find out exactly how long your specific work will take. Remember that many factors can affect the time needed to complete this sort of job. The materials, whether the surface is being refurbished or the exterior, and how large the pool is are just some examples.

Some parts of your garden may be off-limits while work is being done. If you have kids, this may mean that they are unable to use your garden for the duration of the project. Make sure that you know how long things will take before you get started, so that you are well prepared.

  1. Choose a contractor

Making a short list of a few contractors is the best route. Ask any and all questions that apply – how much it will cost, how long it will take, what requirements (if any) are needed and what references are offered from past customers. A good contractor will have testimonials on their website, or a project gallery that gives you some idea of how they work.

Try not to get lured in by salesmen who promise you the world. Instead, look at overall cost, quality, reputation, experience and abilities. For instance, a contractor who is able to assist with your pool repairs as well as other related tasks may end up being far more useful than one who can only assist with one project. Price is important, but value and quality are even more important.

  1. Getting prepared

Once you have chosen a contractor and proceeded with the quote approval, you will need to get prepared for the job. Be warned – pool work can be noisy and messy. You may need to keep windows shut if there is a lot of dust. The lawn may need to be dug up and prepared if you are adding a new pool or extending your current pool. It may take a week or even a few weeks for the work to be done.


You will also need to think about the water that will fill the pool once it is done. Renovated pools are drained using special equipment (usually included in the cost) and then refilled again. During a drought, this may pose a challenge. You might have to wait until water restrictions are lifted before starting work.

Wondering what sort of ideas you could consider for your swimming pool revamp? You could add a new deck, install a water feature, add a pool bar or fire pits, or a tanning deck, add a fence, make a natural pool, upgrade pumps, add a pool house, add a spill-over spa, add an outdoor braai area, expand your pool, resurface the pool or even paint the pool a bright shade.

Use your imagination to start planning your dream pool with the help of pool renovation in Transkei.