Prepare for Summer with Pool Renovation in KZN

With water restrictions in place throughout many parts of South Africa, now may just be a good time to consider pool renovation in KZN. Hopefully, the province’s summer rainfall will provide relief from what has been one of the driest periods in a long time. But according to statements released by Umgeni Water in November, this may only happen in the first quarter of 2016, towards the end of summer.

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Making use of the current dry spell to get essential garden maintenance tasks such as pool refurbishment done will ensure that the job can get done in the right conditions. But with that said, you will also need to follow the current water restrictions in order to prevent water wastage. If you drain your swimming pool, find a way to reuse the water by setting up a water tank. Swimming pools should not be filled to capacity during a water shortage either, so you may need to plan your pool revamp around these rules.

Top Tips for KwaZulu-Natal Pool Renovation

Cement, tiles, grout and finishes require dry weather in order to dry. In KZN, winters are the best time for this sort of project, but all too often, it is only towards the end of year (and especially, the holiday season) that homeowners decide to renovate or fix up swimming pool issues. Whether you need your pool to be drained, resurfaced and refilled, or you are considering extending your pool or even reducing it, some tips for timing your renovations include the following:


  • Choose a time of year that is dry, with reliable weather conditions. It’s all very well selecting a dry day, but unless you can be sure that it will not rain the following day, when surfaces need to dry out, it is best to wait until you have a week of clear days.
  • Get professional help from a contractor with experience in swimming pool projects. This sort of contractor will also be able to advise on how to make your pool more water friendly, and offer advice on what repairs are required.
  • Plan the project accordingly. Keep in mind that a project like this may not be completed overnight. There are a number of processes involved, and water restrictions can cause additional complications or delays. Plan ahead, get a realistic timeline from your pool renovator and try to be patient while your pool is being updated.


To find out more about pool renovation in Durban and surrounds, contact Wilcote today and let us know how we can help you transform your pool.