Infra-Red Roof Coating Tests

Wilcote Waterproofing Roofing and Painting is pleased to announce that infra-red roof coating tests that were recently conducted on our W118 Infra-red Cool Roof Coatings have been successful. This means that our innovative roof cooling coating has passed tests set forth under the US Solar Reflectance Parameters of ASTM 1980 requirements. You can download our test results.

Certified lab test methods used to determine solar reflectance are based on the US CRRC Equipment and Test Methods that are associated with ASTM C1549; ASTM 1371 and ASTM E 1980. Our flagship infra-red cool roof coating not only met the basic criteria of these standards, but passed with flying colours.

What this means to our customers is that we will continue to strive to providing the highest quality products possible, promoting environmentally-friendly products that are not only good for you and your budget but also for the planet.

About Wilcote Infra-Red Roof Coat

What exactly is the infra-red roof coat, and why is it such a big deal where green innovation is concerned?

Simply put, this roof coating uses special infra-red rays to cool buildings like never before. In military uses, infra-red is used as a way to make aircraft invisible on the radar – unable to be picked up by heat seating devices. In building, the same technology is used to provide cooling to roofs.


One of our biggest challenges in today’s busy world is the growing risk of urban heat islands. When lots of buildings are built close together, the heat absorbed by these buildings increases the amount of heat within the area. Roof cooling helps to address this by using special pigments that reflect the harmful UV rays instead of absorbing them.


Infra-red reflective pigments characteristically have an increased visible opacity that is only able to transmit infra-red radiation. Thin layers of roof coating are not much good in reflecting all of these radiations, meaning that some rays can still escape through the coating and into the building. The coating may seem opaque, but often it is not thick enough to reduce infra-red light.

Our highly effective product is thick enough to withstand optimal radiation, keeping your roof cool even throughout the hot African summer. This product is available in various colours – to learn more, contact your nearest Wilcote branch and find out how infra-red roof cooling can help you!