Granor Passi Roof Repairs in Polokwane

Granor Passi is a fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates manufacturer. It has four factories is Limpopo, and one in Cape Town with offices in Johannesburg. The main plant – which was the first factories here in Polokwane – was built between the 1940s and 1960s Due to the age of the plant, they have a lot of need for our services.

We have been doing maintenance and roof repair with Granor Passi in Polokwane for over 6 months now and they are very pleased with our work quality, reliability and response time to their ”emergencies”.

The roof we just did for them is over one of their many cold storage rooms. The roof was badly rusted and perforated in places. The solution I offered them was to restore the roof as we did their Workshop and Yoghurt roofs in May 2014. So in badly rusted areas where the rust has perforated the sheets, we cut those sheets (all the badly rusted areas were on the end laps) and fitted slip sheets extending 0.3m over the purlin.

 We treated the overlaps with WS4 and squeezed some soudal in the overlaps. We used descalex in places, then high pressure cleaned the roof then spot primed the roof and all the newly fitted sheets

 A final coat of W130 was sprayed over the roof. (W130 left over from the Yoghurt and Workshop roof).

 We have a very good working relationship with Granor Passi and number of jobs lined up with them for roof repairs and painting in Polokwane.

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