Exterior Painting In Joburg North

When Painting the EXTERIOR of your home in Joburg north, here are some things to take into consideration:

Good Quality exterior painting, will drastically increase the value of your home. From choosing the best paint colours to the preparation of your home’s exterior, we’ve got you covered to ensure your exterior re-decoration is a pleasure and will increase the overall value.


  1. Remember Mother Nature.

Plan ahead – it’s better to undertake the Exterior Redecoration of your Building, during the drier Seasons. Should this not be possible, then some delays can be expected.

  1. Quality Tops Price Every time

Better quality paint means you will have better coverage first time round & you won’t have to Re-paint every year. Paint technology has really improved over the years with colours guaranteed to last longer than before. Don’t skimp on paint with a cheaper brand, as you are bound to encounter trouble further down the line & eventually pay more. All our Wilcote products carry a guarantee for lasting quality and our enviro-friendly solution.

  1. Preparation is Key

Paint won’t adhere to dirty or badly prepared surfaces. We take our time in the preparation of all the surfaces to be painted. This ensures that all cracks, plaster work & any other unsightly areas, are prepped properly to create a solid surface, for our paint to adhere better, and last longer.

  1. Keeping it Clean

It’s our aim to keep our Customers happy, especially with the care we take in our preparation work. We take great care to cover the paving, including bushes & any other plants, whilst we are painting. All Wilcote products are Eco-friendly so we take great pride, in this advanced technology, by providing a safe & happy environment for you, your family & your pets.

  1. Colour Perfection

If you live within an Estate & are planning to do a colour change, you should advise your Body co-operate Trustees, as sometimes, there are very strict rules in place, when it comes to the look of the Estate. Our recommendation, when making these changes, is to choose one of the Colours, from our Colour Worx Fan-dek and if required, we can brush selected colours on sections of your wall, with these colour choices. With the colour options, on your wall, you can eliminate any grievances, down the road.

We can match any colour your heart desires, no matter the brand. Our priority is to ensure you, our Client are happy…long into the future. If you are considering undertaking exterior painting in Joburg North, contact us to get quality product and superior painting contractor service.

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