Wilcote Shortlisted for Eco-Logic Climate Change Award

The Eco-Logic Awards honour individuals, organisations and communities that are committed to making a difference, and Wilcote is honoured to have been shortlisted in the Climate Change category of this prestigious award.

In partnership with SABC3, and established by The Enviropaedia, the Eco-Logic Awards put the focus on sustainability, eco-friendly business practices and smart consumerism. It has been hailed as South Africa’s most ‘glamorously green’ event, with a glitzy gala dinner that is certainly proof of its glamour. Every year, members of the public have the chance to nominate their Eco-Champions, showing how each finalist contributes towards various categories. In total, there are 13 categories, ranging from Climate Change to Biodiversity, Eco-Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Recycling and Waste Management, Transport, Water Conservation, Business Green Economy Initiative, Municipalities, Eco-Community, Eco-Youth, Eco-Angel and Eco-Warrior.

Wilcote has been selected along with four other finalists in the Climate Change category, which is sponsored by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

The Eco-Awards Gala Evening will take place on Thursday 21 April 2016 at the stylish Table Bay Hotel, at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.


Wilcote’s Commitment to Climate Change

As firm believers in a sustainable future, all of Wilcote’s products are manufactured according to European Standards, with stringent codes and ethics that help us maintain our commitment to the environment. When sourcing products, we use a strict system to ensure that all suppliers meet our values. Factors considered include the environment that raw materials are sourced from, the impact products have on the environment, the type of labour employed and its effect on local communities, as well as the use of solar and energy saving equipment to reduce energy consumption.

Some of the recent initiatives and products that we have achieved include the following:

  • Eco Friendly Paint Products – use and awareness of safe biocides in paint and paint products.
  • Infra-Red Roof Cooling – use and awareness of roof cooling materials and properties to reduce heat islands in urban areas.
  • Green Manufacturing Processes – use of raw materials and variable speed drives.
  • Re-use of Raw Material Containers – recycling and reuse of material containers.
  • Harvesting of Grey Water – grey water from factory used for nearby banana plantation.
  • Township Project – use and awareness of flame retardant exterior paint and sustainable roof cooling and heating solutions, as well as township franchise training opportunities.

We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our products have a minimal impact on the environment, while also striving to use and create technology that actively makes a difference to ecosystems, climate conditions and local communities. We also hope that our customers will join us in working towards making a better planet for everyone.

Rust and the problems associated with Roofing and Waterproofing

The rusting of Roofs around South Africa has a severe negative impact on our Buildings as it creates major waterproofing problems and damage to structures and valuables.

Rust occurs or is caused by, many factors and these include the following, “Fall-out” or the effects of pollutants, which are air-Bourne and are carried around from surrounding Manufacturing Plants, Acid attach from certain elements within the Manufacturing Process, Salts and Residue from the sea or other environmental factors, for example the Namibian Coast, has excessive “attach from their sea environment”, General Wear and Tear over the years of exposure to the elements e.g. Sun, run, hail, snow etc and the use of incorrect Roofing materials which may be of poor quality, the incorrect type of Roofing for the particular application.

Wilcote Waterproofing, Roofing and Painting have accumulated many years of experience in the solving or restoration of Rusted Roof and has proven and encouraged long lasting solutions to not only combat the problem of the elements but also using the correct Roofing Material for each environment. Wilcote has recently, replaced an entire Manufacturing Company’s Roof, with a Roofing System which carries a 20 year Guarantee.

This manufacturing Plant has an Acid environment level of PH1

Wilcote’s Roofing Solutions, includes a wide Spectrum of Waterproofing solutions which includes the effective control of all the many aspects associated with rust. Our tried, trusted and proven roofing solutions have encouraged and proven the terminations of all roofing and rusting dilemmas. All of Wilcote’s Solutions are enviro – friendly and maintain a level of European Standards. The necessary Safety Procedures and Precautions are also adhered to. Wilcote is proud to offer the Professional and reliable solution to all waterproofing and rusting requests.