Benefits of Torch-On Waterproofing

Torch On Waterproofing 1What exactly is torch-on waterproofing, and how can it help your roof stay protected against water and damp?

This innovation offers an alternative to asphalt roofing. Typically used on flat roofs, waterproofing membrane systems are made of sticky, viscous organic liquids. Bitumen, a hydrocarbon made from crude oil, is one of the key components of this material. Non-harmful to the environment, highly effective against water and boasting a number of unique qualities, bituminous torch-on is widely considered to be one of the most reliable tools for waterproofing contractors.

What is Torch-On Waterproofing?

Before we go into some of the benefit offered by this technology, let’s take a quick look at what torch-on water proofing is all about.

Simply put, bitumen torch-on is a specialised solution that works particularly well on flat concrete roofs. It also works well on foundation and retaining walls, flashings, parapet walls, expansion joints, corrugated and IBR roof laps and roofing screws, as well as gutters, flower boxes and water retaining structures. As a damp proofing measure, it helps to prevent the risk of water logging with the help of its water resistant surface.

Made from a mixture of bitumen and polymers, which are applied to a polyester or fibre-glass reinforcement membrane, a stronger, sturdier membrane is created to protect surfaces against damp and water. This membrane is powerful; resistant to tears as well as punctures. The final result is bitumen torch-on sheeting, which can be applied onto flat roof surfaces and then measured for an exact fit.

Torch-On Waterproofing Advantages

Some of the benefits offered by torch-on bitumen waterproofing include the following:

  • Suitable for full water immersion as well as sub-soil applications, it an ideal application for sealing box gutters and flower boxes.
  • Able to protect buildings while retaining harmony with the building’s environmental surroundings thanks to a range of mineral finishes offered.
  • Green roofing solution that offers a simple way to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Extremely long life span, with the majority of membranes offering global standards in quality.
  • Fumes released during installation are not harmful to humans and there is low noise pollution during application either.
  • Protect insulation and have the potential to reflect harmful sun rays (some products even contain photovoltaic cells that can produce solar energy).
  • Non-water soluble, non-biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.

Torch On Waterproofing

As a waterproofing contractor who always strives to offer customers the latest in technology, Wilcote is excited to offer torch-on waterproofing to our customers who want to take advantage of this eco-friendly, highly effective solution.

5 Things to Know About Asbestos Roof Repair

Asbestos roof repair in Mpumalanga and the rest of South Africa typically applies to any work done on roofs that contain asbestos. As this hazardous material has been banned in SA, only certified asbestos removal specialists are allowed to repair, remove or handle the substance. If you have an older property that is fitted with an asbestos roof, this means that is better to call in a professional to help you get your roof fixed safely and simply.

Once considered to be a miracle substance in the 19th Century, asbestos is comprised of a number of naturally occurring silicates. Originally, this material was popular for its economic advantages, along with its sound absorption, tensile strength and its fire, heat, electrical and chemical damage resistance. At one point, it was widely used in automotive, marine, construction and scientific industries, for a variety of purposes. Over time however, studies began to show that prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibres was linked to serious illnesses, which include lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.


It is this potentially deadly risk of exposure to the fibres that has led to the ban of the material all over the world. But, as many older buildings still have asbestos roofs, repairs are inevitable. Complete removal or replacement of the roof is not always a viable option, which is where specialist contractors come in to help.

What exactly is asbestos, and more importantly, what should you know about repairing a roof that contains this material? Keep reading to find out.

Everything You Should Know About Asbestos Roof Repair in Mpumalanga

Some of the most important things to note about this sort of roof repair include the following:

  1. Asbestos can some major health risks. Asbestos fibres that are inhaled into the lungs can cause major diseases, including asbestosis (scarring of the lung), lung cancer and mesothelioma (tumour growing on the lining of the lung). Early symptoms could include chest pain and shortness of breath, with respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and death becoming a risk at later stages. It may take anywhere from 15 to 50 years for symptoms to develop, from the very first contact with the fibre. No symptoms are experienced during this dormant period, and there is no cure for asbestos related illness.
  1. Illnesses are not always reported in SA. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates over 100 000 asbestos related deaths per year world-wide, with 125 million workers exposed to fibre around the world. In South Africa, some 200 mesothelioma cases are reported annually, but, due to the large size of the construction and mining sectors and the fact that SA was once a major exporter of the material, many more cases are believed to be unreported.
  1. It is not a good idea to handle asbestos without authorisation. Unless you are authorised to provide asbestos removal services, it is illegal and dangerous to attempt asbestos roof repair in Mpumalanga or anywhere else in South Africa. If you discover any signs that the roof may contain asbestos fibres, or you are not fully sure what the roof is made from, it is safer to call in a specialist to assist.
  1. Exposure is a risk when fibres are released into the air. If fibres are contained within the structure of the roof, the risk is minimised or even reduced completely. But due to the high risk nature of this material, repairs may not be conducted on any roof that contains asbestos – hammering, high pressure cleaning, drilling, cutting, patching and walking on roof tiles can all release fibres into the air.
  1. When in doubt, play it safe. If you have an older property and you are not certain whether asbestos is present in the roof or not, it is safer to proceed with caution. Contact an approved contractor who can safely repair your roof using the proper methods and equipment.
Asbestos Slate Roof Repairs
Waterproofing contractors at work on asbestos roof repairs

Wilcote is a fully authorised asbestos removal contractor in South Africa. To find out more about asbestos roof repair in Mpumalanga, contact us today to let us know how we can assist.

Wilcote Shortlisted for Eco-Logic Climate Change Award

The Eco-Logic Awards honour individuals, organisations and communities that are committed to making a difference, and Wilcote is honoured to have been shortlisted in the Climate Change category of this prestigious award.

In partnership with SABC3, and established by The Enviropaedia, the Eco-Logic Awards put the focus on sustainability, eco-friendly business practices and smart consumerism. It has been hailed as South Africa’s most ‘glamorously green’ event, with a glitzy gala dinner that is certainly proof of its glamour. Every year, members of the public have the chance to nominate their Eco-Champions, showing how each finalist contributes towards various categories. In total, there are 13 categories, ranging from Climate Change to Biodiversity, Eco-Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Recycling and Waste Management, Transport, Water Conservation, Business Green Economy Initiative, Municipalities, Eco-Community, Eco-Youth, Eco-Angel and Eco-Warrior.

Wilcote has been selected along with four other finalists in the Climate Change category, which is sponsored by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

The Eco-Awards Gala Evening will take place on Thursday 21 April 2016 at the stylish Table Bay Hotel, at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.


Wilcote’s Commitment to Climate Change

As firm believers in a sustainable future, all of Wilcote’s products are manufactured according to European Standards, with stringent codes and ethics that help us maintain our commitment to the environment. When sourcing products, we use a strict system to ensure that all suppliers meet our values. Factors considered include the environment that raw materials are sourced from, the impact products have on the environment, the type of labour employed and its effect on local communities, as well as the use of solar and energy saving equipment to reduce energy consumption.

Some of the recent initiatives and products that we have achieved include the following:

  • Eco Friendly Paint Products – use and awareness of safe biocides in paint and paint products.
  • Infra-Red Roof Cooling – use and awareness of roof cooling materials and properties to reduce heat islands in urban areas.
  • Green Manufacturing Processes – use of raw materials and variable speed drives.
  • Re-use of Raw Material Containers – recycling and reuse of material containers.
  • Harvesting of Grey Water – grey water from factory used for nearby banana plantation.
  • Township Project – use and awareness of flame retardant exterior paint and sustainable roof cooling and heating solutions, as well as township franchise training opportunities.

We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our products have a minimal impact on the environment, while also striving to use and create technology that actively makes a difference to ecosystems, climate conditions and local communities. We also hope that our customers will join us in working towards making a better planet for everyone.

How to Choose Roofing Contractors in Mpumalanga

Whether you are based in the Highveld or the Lowveld, one thing remains the same – finding reliable roofing contractors in Mpumalanga is essential. Known for its varied climates, this South African province is blessed with astounding natural beauty and a staggering range of temperatures. Snow, rain, humidity, dryness, summer rain, wind and frost can all be found across the province’s various climatic regions. This is great for those who enjoy the beauty of the diverse province, but not so great when it comes to keeping your roof in shape.

All too often, most people find that they will only start searching for roof contractors after the roof has been damaged or when there is a storm or other event that causes problems. The problem with this strategy however is that the urgency of the situation can lead to the search being far more rushed than it should be. The last thing you want to deal with on top of roof problems is a contractor who does not know what they are doing.

To help you make a choice that is less rushed and more informative, we have put together a few tips that will make the process far easier (and less stressful, too).

wilcote-roofingChoosing the Best Mpumalanga Roof Contractors

What do you need to look for when searching for roof contractors in Mpumalanga? There are a few things that you can check for that will make the search a lot more efficient. These include the following:

  • Make sure that the contractor is fully licensed and authorised. A certified roof expert will need to adhere to certain standards, which means that you will be able to trust that they get things done properly. It is tempting to pick a random roofing company on Gumtree or in the classifieds, but if they are not licensed to perform the work, you are instantly at risk of liability if anything goes wrong.
  • Ask for references or look for testimonials. Most good contractors will have testimonials on their website, and will be glad to provide references if needed. You could also do an online search to see if there are any reviews from previous customers. Good or bad, these reviews go a long way in helping you get an idea of what the contractor is all about.
  • Choose local wherever possible. A contractor who is based in your area (or at least in your province) will be a lot more reliable than one who is not. The reasons for this: they will know the area’s specific weather challenges, they will be easier to reach when you need them and they will have good knowledge of any zoning laws that may apply to your specific area.
  • Do not choose on price alone. Sure, cheap always good. But what is better is a job done right. It will not be much use getting a great deal on a roof replacement if the roof starts leaking a few weeks later. You may end up having to fork out far more trying to fix the mistakes done by the cheap contractor. Ideally, you want a good price AND a good service.
  • Start looking right now, before your roof needs help. This is something that will save you a great deal of time and stress in the long haul. Finding a reliable, experienced roof expert before emergency repairs are needed will mean that you know who to call immediately when anything goes wrong. If your roof is old, you may also find that a proper inspection could save you a fortune by spotting small problems before they become big problems.

As a qualified, fully certified company that operates across South Africa, Wilcote is your ideal choice for reliable roofing contractors in Mpumalanga. Contact us today for a quote, and let us know how we can assist.

New Vehicle for Wilcote Mpumalanga

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Truck, to the Family of Wilcote Mpumalanga. Our new baby will assist us in servicing our Customers more efficiently and effectively in the fields of waterproofing, painting, roof repairs, and the other host of services that Wilcote provides.

Wilcote Mpumalanga, has been providing our Customers with long term solutions for many years. These Professional Solutions include, reroofing of Buildings, complete Roof Restoration and Asbestos encapsulation.

Wilcote Mpumalanga has successfully refurbished and redecorated many Buildings, using our enviro-friendly exterior Wall Coatings, in various colours. Our Specialty and vast experience is waterproofing our Customers most prized possessions – their buildings and homes. These include Flat Roofs, Metal Roofs, Asbestos Roofs and Tile Roofs. Our Customers are also very pleased with the Concrete Reservoirs and Koi Ponds that we have Waterproofed.

At Wilcote Mpumalanga, we have our Customers interests at heart and our products are formulated to promote Healthy Living.

Wilcote Mpumalanga's new vehicle
Wilcote Mpumalanga’s new vehicle
Wilcote Mpumalanga's new vehicle
Wilcote Mpumalanga’s new vehicle