Why Do You Need Swimming Pool Refurbishment in KZN?

You may think that winter is not the ideal time for swimming pool refurbishment in KZN, even if winters in this part of the country are warm and mild. Preparing for the hottest season is best done when the weather is a bit cooler, as this will allow you plenty of time to get your pool in tip top shape.

Refurbishing a swimming pool could mean any number of pool related repairs or additions. Resurfacing is one of the most common aspects of refurbishment, but there are other aspects that you may need at some point as well. You may want to fix up the edge of the pool, you may want to build or fix a dam, reservoir or even a natural swimming pool, or you may want to add some water features or other decorative features that add visual impact to the pool. Whatever the case, having a pool that is in good shape is essential to get the most out of the pool. If your pool is looking the worse for wear after a long summer, it may be a good time to look into getting it renovated.

Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Refurbishment in KZN

Some of the main things that may be needed when seeking swimming pool refurbishing in KZN include the following:

  1. Pool Resurfacing

This process is the best way to give your pool a whole new look, fix up worn or cracked plaster or update the surface to a more modern style. Over time, the surface of any swimming pool starts to wear. This can lead to the inside of the pool looking rough, and often, it may also feel rough underfoot. Old pools are especially in need of resurfacing. With a number of modern materials available, you do not have to limit yourself to old-fashioned plaster either. There are many different finishes on offer too, allowing you to change the colour of the pool floor and walls or even add decorative details.

  1. Waterline Tile

This process applies to the tiles that are placed alongside the pool, next to the patio, bricks or grass. Often, homeowners choose to include this within the pool resurfacing project so that the entire pool is revamped at once. But if you are happy with the pool itself, and less happy with the border, you could have the waterline tiles changed. If there are any leaks or cracks, retiling may be needed after repair. For best results, speak to an expert in pool refurbishment and dampproofing so that you know what is required.

  1. Dams and Natural Pools

A number of commercial properties such as game farms may use dams that need to be build or maintained. Natural pools, reservoirs and swimming dams are also becoming more popular for residential homes as well – especially in areas where plots are larger or in rural locations. These pools can be renovated much like traditional pools, using high grade cement and other materials to ensure that the pools are water proof and lined with modern materials such as fibre-lining or marbelite.

Now that you have a better idea of what is involved in the process, you can start looking for a trusted expert who can help you get started. With plenty of experience in water proofing, painting and swimming pool refurbishment in KZN and other parts of South Africa, Wilcote is your perfect choice, every time.

A pool on the South Coast before restoration
A pool on the South Coast before restoration
The same pool aftre a special Wilcote restoration.
The same pool after a special Wilcote restoration.