Port Elizabeth Asbestos Roof Refurbishment

Wilcote Port Elizabeth have been awarded the Phase II contract, (after the successful completion of phase I) for the Asbestos Roof Refurbishment at their bottling plant at Coca Cola Lakeside in Port Elizabeth.

 The process of refurbishing Asbestos Roofs involves firstly washing the roof down with an Eco Friendly Special Asbestos cleaning chemical in order to remove the algae and lichen growth. Because the process is a “wet process” the chances of releasing asbestos fibres into the air are minimal as we also fit asbestos filters to all rainwater downpipes. The Asbestos Regulations do however require the air to be monitored during this process of washing the roof down. The method of monitoring the air is by fitting air pumps at either end of the roof and one pump is fitted a staff member. The gauze grids on the inside of the pumps are sent to a laboratory for inspection and counting of the number of Asbestos Fibres contained therein.

 Once the roof has been thoroughly cleaned down and has dried an Asbestos Encapsulation is applied by Airless Sprayer onto the roof sheets. This process binds any loose Asbestos Fibres which may have been loosened during the cleaning process and then renders the the Roof 100% safe. The roof is then ready to be waterproofed.

 The waterproofing layer consists of the application of our Elastomeric Sealer which is applied by airless sprayer at the rate of one square metre per litre. This waterproofing layer effectively seals all hairline cracks, which tend to occur in older asbestos roof sheets and makes the roof waterproof. Because the product is designed to be elastic it expands and contracts with the roof sheets as they heat up and cool down by the ambient weather conditions. Immediately after this layer has been applied the roofing screws are sealed with Wilcote non-hardening Crack and Hole Filler. This product too has very good expansion and retraction properties and, very effectively, seals the roofing screws preventing ingress of any moisture.

 The final step of the refurbishment process is the application of the top coat. This top coat is part of our latest Technology Development in Solar Reflection where the infra red rays are reflected back up by the coating. This means that the roof sheets are kept at a cooler temperature than with normal roof coating which in turn means a saving in energy costs.

This whole process is cheaper than replacing the roof with one of the many types of metal roof sheets available and the real plus is that the refurbishment will not interfere with the day to day activities taking place on the inside. If clients were worried by the effects of Asbestos on the staff and businesses these can now be forgotten.

 Wilcote offers a guarantee on the above asbestos roof repair system of 12 Years but longer guarantees are available upon request.

Roof Repair Ideas for PE

With its reputation and nickname of the Windy City, it comes as no surprise that roof repair in PE is often required when wind, weather and wear and tear takes place.

The beautiful city of Port Elizabeth lies on a stretch of Eastern Cape coastline that boasts beaches, natural vegetation and some of the country’s most sought-after real estate. For homeowners in this part of South Africa, wind along with salt, moisture and rain are the primary issues that could cause roof damage. Luckily however, there are a number of ways that you can prevent damage from occurring, making prevention a far better (and cheaper) alternative to cure.

How can you go about reducing the need for roof repair in PE and other coastal areas? Keep reading to find out…

Top Tips for Roof Repair in PE

Getting into the habit of planning a roof inspection at least twice per year will go a long way in preventing issues from occurring in the first place. This can be done by a professional roof repair expert if you are not sure what to look for during the inspection. Spring and autumn are the best times to check your roof for signs of loose roof sheeting or screws, broken tiles, leaks, drips, damp patches on the ceiling or any other visible problems that could cause serious damage.

Some additional tips to keep in mind when it comes to PE roof repairs include the following:

  • The most common types of repairs include broken or missing “shingles”, damaged flashing near vents and chimneys, damaged or missing roof tiles and general wear and tear. In older homes, regular maintenance may be required. As roofing materials tend to wear out a lot faster in coastal areas, roof paint, metal sheeting and any wood materials used anywhere on the roof may need to be replaced or updated every few years. It is best to seek assistance as soon as you notice any potential issues. Leaving problems too late is not only risky in terms of causing bigger, more expensive issues down the line, but also risky in terms of safety. The last thing you want is a weakened roof – especially when the wind starts to pick up.
  • The cost of repairing a roof will vary depending on the type of roof you have, how bad the damage is and the size of your roof. Many roofing companies charge by section, while others may look at the overall factors involved – what materials will be needed, what the damage is, how big the roof is and how complicated the job will be. It is often worth considering investing in the best materials that you can afford; which will last a lot longer and potentially prevent the need for repairs further down the line. Ask a qualified, reputable repair expert for advice on which type of shingles is best for your home.
  • A typical roof repair quote includes materials, labour and installation. Usually, old or damaged roof sections will need to be removed, so labour comprises this task as well as the installation of new sections. It may seem more affordable to source materials and attempt the job yourself, but unless you are experienced in roofing, it is almost always simpler, faster and more cost-effective to source a repair specialist who is able to get the job done properly and safely.

With extensive experience and expertise in roof repair in PE and South Africa, Wilcote offers an affordable, reliable solution to all of your roofing, dampproofing and repair needs.