3 Things to Remember When Sourcing Roof Repairs in the Cape Winelands

With winter in full swing throughout much of South Africa, roof repairs in the Cape Winelands are certainly something to consider. Strong rains, wind, hail and storms can wreak a fair amount of havoc on your roof – especially in older homes. Horror stories about roofs being blown away at night aside, there are a few things that can go wrong when it comes to the roof. Leaks are one of the most common issues, but an old or tatty roof can also look less than appealing, result in more drafts and even increase your energy consumption if it is interfering with the house’s ability to retain heat.

The good news is that many roof problems can be prevented entirely if you stick to a regular schedule of inspections and upkeep.


Top Tips for Roof Repairs in the Western Cape Winelands

Some of the most important tips to remember when it comes to Winelands roof repair include the following:

  1. Maintenance is the best way to prevent problems. At least once a year (before winter is usually the best time), call in a roofing expert to do a proper inspection or make sure that basic steps are taken to prevent problems from arising. Clean ventilation systems and vents, caulk around openings with a high quality sealant, paint any exposed metal to prevent rust, clean out gutters and check from the ground to see if anything looks out of place. Use binoculars if you want a better look, but try not to climb onto the roof unless you have plenty of experience in this regard. This routine check can help spot small problems, before they become bigger, more expensive problems.
  2. When to call in the experts. Doing a visual inspection over the course of the year is essential, but if you notice any problems such as stains on the shingles, missing parts of the roof, rusted flashings or anything else that seems amiss, call in for help. The same applies if you notice any water stains or mould in the attic or on the roof, or if there are any leaks on second story ceilings or unexplained damp patches in the ceiling.
  3. Investing in the best quality roof will help it last far longer. Another step that is recommended is to focus on getting the best repairs, materials and installation that is within your budget. If the roof is installed by a qualified expert, using high quality materials and coating, you will be able to rest easier knowing that it will last you through many years to come.

If all else fails, hiring a dedicated, professional expert to assist with roof repairs in Winelands will go a long way in ensuring that the roof is fixed quickly, properly and simply.

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