WILCOTE is qualified and experienced with all aspects of Waterproofing in South Africa . These include the following:

  • Flat Roof waterproofing.
  • Lining of concrete and Asbestos box gutters.
  • All aspects of Roofing including concrete tiles, corrugated iron, asbestos etc.
  • Ridge capping and valleys on tile roofs, chimneys, parapet walls and vent pipes.
  • Lateral and rising damp including waterproofing of weather facing walls.
  • Waterproofing of fibre cement, face brick and concrete block surfaces.
  • Reservoirs, troughs, earth dams etc.

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Due to the many aspects and different criteria relating to waterproofing, WILCOTE have numerous waterproofing products, waterproofing systems and solutions to solve and remedy each specific problem.

Waterproofing Products

WILCOTE are Approved and Nominated Contractors for a wide range of Flat Roof Waterproofing Manufacturers, as well as applicators of Bituthene and ABE related products.

WILCOTE have access to Italian and Spanish Torch-on Systems and have the Wiltorch 4mm Torch-on Range.

WILCOTE are proud to manufacture long lasting, quality and durable products,
for all the different Waterproofing related solutions.

WILCOTE has Waterproofing contractors in most major centres in South Africa. Find a local contractor or read our waterproofing tips on our blog.