Pool Renovations & Maintenance


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Over the past 27 years, WILCOTE has developed the correct Solution for each specific problem. Many long hours, spent in our African sun, fixing and repairing Swimming Pools, Cement Reservoirs and Earth Dams, has not always been loads of fun. WILCOTE can confidently solve all problems associated, with these Structures and offer our long term Solutions.

WILCOTE has Enviro and Eco-Friendly Products, which we use, in conjunction with our Systems and Solutions, to ensure our Customers receive the best, every time.

Once the Structure is repaired, waterproofed and restored, there is no adverse effect from our Solutions, which will harm us Humans, our Animals or our beloved Earth. We are happy about this.

Some of our Solutions include the following:

  • Fiber-lining of Swimming Pools
  • Marbelite Systems for Swimming Pools
  • Repairing of cracks in Cement and Concrete Water-retaining Structures
  • Complete Waterproofing and Restoration of Cement and Concrete Reservoirs
  • Waterproofing of Earth Dams, especially with Game farms and Irrigation Dams
  • Concrete walls in Dams
  • Flamingo Ponds, Zoological Enclosures and water retaining structures
  • Aquiculture structures, Koi and Goldfish ponds
  • Spalding and damage caused to reinforcing in Buildings

WILCOTE will assist and remedy, with all of the above situations, to provide our Customers with our Professional Solution.

Please view our Gallery page for more examples of some of our Solutions.