Roof Repairs, Installation and Coating Solution


WILCOTE is conversant and highly experienced with the restoration and repair of all types of Roofs.

These roofs include the following:

  • Re-roofing of IBR, Corrugated & Aluminium Roofs.
  • Roof Restoration and roof repair of IBR, Corrugated Iron or Asbestos.
  • Specialized Waterproofing for low pitch roofs.
  • The Restoration of Slate Roofs.
  • The Roof Repair & Restoration of Marseille and Clay Tile roofs.
  • Harvey Tile, Clip-lok and Dek-tile Roof installation.

WILCOTE manufacture a wide range of guaranteed products and coatings for the Restoration of all types of Roofing, including Thatch Roofs.

Our High-Heat Reflective Roof Coating has been used extensively for reducing internal temperatures eg. Agricultural Piggeries and Poultry Houses, Factories, Flat Roofs etc.

In our constant efforts to provide our customers with the best products and solutions, we are very excited to bring you the brand new innovation, infra-red cool roof coating. Previously only used by the military, which uses reflective pigments on planes to make them invisible to radar, this ground-breaking technology is now available in roof coating solutions that allow a greater degree of cooling than ever before. Read more about our cool roof coating solution. 

If you are looking for experienced roofing contractors or require roof repairs, find a local contractor today. Also, read our roof repair tips on our blog.