Wilcote For Green

Eco and Enviro Friendly
We at WILCOTE love the color Green. It also gives us a Vision for the future, our children and their families. Our belief in promoting and managing our business, with a “Green-enviro friendly” foundation, is our top priority. We acknowledge our responsibility of not only providing top quality products, but also a continued move to absolute Green Products.WILCOTE has access to Global Technology and by introducing and implementing, these advanced moves towards an improved and sustainable Planet, we can export our products to Europe, without the need of having any warning labels on our Products. We at WILCOTE, are not motivated, by Government or Public demand, or the desire to increase our profits – we are motivated by this beautiful planet, which was given to us – to dress and beautify.

Wilcote Old Container

At our Factory, we constantly endeavor to seek out raw materials, which will reduce the levels of energy required, to obtain them and then introduce these into our Products. The methods of Manufacture are also closely scrutinized, to strive towards minimum use of the Earth’s resources. Our Products are Heavy Metal and Lead free. We also keep a close eye, on our Cleaning Processes, Waste Management, and Packaging and strive to prevent pollution. Our Water-based Systems are classified low V.O.C’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). We are daily, looking at better ways, cleaner systems and new Technology.

WILCOTE, will stay abreast and ahead, as and when new Enviro and Eco-friendly Technology improves and aim to remain the force to be reckoned with.

We love the Color Green!!

Often times, long after our Wilcote Products have been used to solve problems and supply our Professional Solutions – our containers are used for other purposes.

Wilcote Franchising does not recommend the re-use of these containers. And we will not accept liability for any damages suffered whatsoever as a result of failure to comply with this request.

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