Top Tips for House Painting in Limpopo

There is no doubt that it can be easier (and more effective) to get expert help for house painting in Limpopo, choosing the right colour for your home can be one of the most challenging steps of the entire process.

Paint can make all the difference to how your home looks. From simple neutrals all the way to modern brights; deciding on a colour is not as easy as you may think… especially as there are so many options out there. A good painting contractor will be able to help you find the best paint, and will ensure that the paint is applied expertly, but when it comes to exterior paint colour selection, it’s up to you to make the right decision.

Today, we will offer some tips on selecting the right colour for exterior house painting, to make it easier to know what to do (and what not to do).


Try These Smart Tips for Exterior House Painting

Whether you are seeking house painting services in Limpopo or anywhere else in the world, these tips should help you choose a colour that is just right for your home and neighbourhood.

  1. Consider Colours

tins-of-paintMany people assume that unique colours will cost more than standard colours, but this does not always have to be the case. Your painter can often get paints at a far better rate than you would get, as professionals know where to get their supplies at wholesale or discounted prices. Depending on the type and brand of paint that is used, you will often find that the actual colours cost much the same within each range. That means that it often costs the same to use a neutral shade as it would to choose a bright shade.

  1. Look at Existing Colours

What we mean here is the colours that exist on your home’s exterior that cannot be altered. These will act as a good guideline when choosing colours for the areas that can be changed. Fixed colours could include brick that you do not wish to paint over, roof colour and anything else that cannot easily be changed. If your roof is blue for example, you would need to consider colours that will not clash against the blue.

  1. Consider Accents

Then there are the accents, which are exterior features that can be changed. These include things like window trims, doors and other features that you wish to highlight. Painting these in a contrasting or complementary colour helps to emphasise and add detail. Make sure that you only focus on accents that you want to highlight however – drawing attention to features such as gutters, strangely placed windows or ugly air-con units will not have the same effect as drawing attention to your entryway!

  1. Consider Trends (But Don’t be Ruled by Them)

 Exterior paint trends tend to stay in place for far longer than interior colours. This is good news, because it means that you can consider ‘trendy’ colours knowing that they will not suddenly become last year’s news. Look at home websites and décor magazines to get ideas, but do not be ruled by current trends. What is most important is finding a colour that works for you – not one that everyone is raving about.

  1. Keep the Neighbours in Mind39389847_s

Another thing to consider is the general colours used in your neighbourhood. If most of the houses in your road or area are neutral, for example, painting your house a vivid red may result in your home looking out of place. This can have a negative effect if you ever look at selling your home, and can also lead to unwanted problems with neighbours who do not share your creative vision.

  1. Light or Dark?

Which is better: a lighter shade or a darker shade? Generally speaking, lighter colours add the illusion of space, while also making the home appear more inviting. Darker colours can make a house look impressive, and can be used in different ways to add impact, such as on the lower part of the house or as an accent colour.

  1. Consider the Landscaping

The expression ‘blending in to the environment’ should not always be taken literally. If you have a garden that is full of mature trees or a lot of greenery that lies close to the house, painting the house green may result in the house blending in so much that it is hard to see. A very bright colour on the other hand may seem overly bold if you do not have much of a garden. The trick is to find a balance.

  1. Plan, Plan and Plan Some More

You do not want to make any hasty decisions when house painting is concerned. The best way to ensure that you end up with a colour that you love is to take the time to plan properly. Before you call in the painters, you can do a test on a small section of wall and trim to see how it looks. Give it a day or so to see the colours in daylight and in the evening, and from there, you will be able to determine whether the colours are right.

Once you have selected your preferred external paint colours, you can relax and call in the expert painting contractors, who will be able to begin your home’s makeover. For quality house painting in Limpopo and many other regions across South Africa, Wilcote offers free no-obligation consultations and many years of experience.

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